From the mountains to the coast, North Carolina has a wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy and the Wildlife Commission provides access and opportunity. 

Shooting Ranges

The N.C. Wildlife Resource Commission shooting ranges provide a safe, controlled and organized environment for sportsmen and recreational shooters alike.

Game Land Activities

With more than 2 million acres of game lands in North Carolina, recreationists of all kinds have plenty of places for photographing wildlife, watching birds or just enjoying the outdoors.

Access Guide for Sportsmen with Disabilities 

Programs and amenities available for persons with disabilities.


Some resources for birdwatching in North Carolina, including birding check lists for game lands, information on the N.C. Birding Trail, N.C. Partners in Flight and the Breeding Bird Survey

Wildlife Photography

Information on shutter speed, aperture and composition to help you take high-quality photographs.

Geocaching (PDF)

Geocaching information on game lands.

Outdoor Heritage Advisory Council