Furbearer Cooperator Program

The NCWRC needs the help of trappers and hunters to collect data from harvested furbearers.  Every year, the NCWRC requests samples, usually either skulls or whole carcasses, from certain furbearers to aid in research and monitoring of our valuable furbearer species.  Cooperators who turn in river otter or bobcat will receive a free cooperator patch. 

Projects such as these are important, as they help us monitor populations and improve our knowledge of N.C. furbearers. We feel this information will help us maintain trapping and hunting for future generations. Thank you in advance!

For more information, species of interest for this year, and contact information to arrange pick-ups, please see the below flier.


Furbearer Cooperator Flier (PDF)

Furbearer Cooperator data sheet (PDF)