Nov. 1 – Feb. 29


NOTE: In addition to the regular trapping seasons, coyotes may be taken in counties, areas  and times where fox-trapping is allowed by statute

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Nov. 1, 2019 – Mar. 31, 2020 - Statewide for beaver only

NOTE: Landowners whose property is or has been  damaged or destroyed by beaver may take beaver on their property anytime by any lawful method without obtaining a permit from the Wildlife Resources Commission. The landowner may obtain assistance from other persons in taking the depredating beaver by giving those persons permission to take beaver on the landowner’s property.

Feral Swine

There is no closed season and no bag limits for trapping feral swine. A hunting or trapping license is required, except for those persons who are license-exempt (see the regulations digest).  A feral swine trapping permit is also required, even for those persons who are license-exempt. This free permit is available online. Only box and corral traps are legal for trapping feral swine and the permit number must be displayed on all traps. Traps must be constructed in a manner such that a non-target animal (such as a bear) can easily be released or can escape without harm. All feral swine must be euthanized while in the trap and may not be removed alive from any trap. The permit does not authorize access to any property. Landowner permission is still required. Feral swine trapping on game lands is allowed only with permission of the Commission. Call 919-707-0150 to inquire about trapping feral swine on game lands.


Jan. 4 - 25, 2020

Fox trapping is allowed in Clay, Graham, Henderson, Macon and Tyrrell counties with a daily bag limit of  two and a season bag limit of 10. Trappers must have fox tags prior to taking foxes, and the sale of live foxes under this season is prohibited.

Click here for more county-specific information on fox harvest seasons.


There is no closed season and no bag limit for trapping nutria east of I-77.


Outside of the regulated trapping season shown above, animals can only be trapped under a Depredation Permit. This is a free permit obtained from a Wildlife Enforcement Officer or District Biologist issued when an animal is causing property damage. When trapping under a Depredation Permit, the permit holder must follow all trapping regulations and state laws.

2020-2021 Statewide Restrictions