Cape Fear River Fisheries Report - March 22, 2014



River sampled:

Cape Fear River


Fisheries Biologists conducting sampling:

Michael Fisk

Justin Dycus


Date of sample:

March 25, 26, 27


Area(s) of river sampled, and water temps:

Rock Arch Ramp (Lock and Dam 1)

Lock and Dam 2

Lock and Dam 3

Above Lock and Dam 3


48-49 degrees


Boat ramp(s) used to access river:

Lock and Dam 1

Lock and Dam 2

Lock and Dam 3

Lillington BAA

Fayetteville BAA


Species (spp) information:

·         Spp. captured:

American Shad

Hickory Shad


·         Numbers by spp:

American Shad = 55

Hickory Shad =  2


·         Size range by spp:

American Shad 14 in –21 in

Hickory Shad 13 in –14 in


·         Max size for spp:

American Shad 21 in, 3.9 lbs Female

Hickory Shad 14 in, 13 oz Male


·         Sex ratio by spp:

American shad

Females = 15 Males = 40


·         Were the fish tagged?

No fish were tagged



River level and other water quality observations (turbity, etc.):


The Cape Fear River has dropped throughout the week with flows dependent upon rainfall in the watershed.



Weather conditions on sampling date?


40’s and 50’s


Your observations of other people fishing on the river:


A few shad are being caught at the Rock Arch Ramp. No observations of anglers catching any fish at lock and dams 2 and 3.


Comments to anglers about your sampling results, and fishing-related conclusions that can be drawn from your data:


American shad are making their way up the river. We have collected fish upstream of all three lock and dams now including upstream of Fayetteville around the town of Erwin.


Creel survey information:

Creel clerk reported some American shad caught at Lock and Dam 1 as well as one female American shad harvested at Lock and Dam 3. Fishing has been relatively slow given the cool weather and high flows, especially with limited access at the lock and dams when closed due to the high flows.


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Cape Fear River Water Conditions

Justin Dycus with a hickory shad from downstream of the Rock Arch Ramp.