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March / April  2018


Where The Shad Run

written by Rick Goines 

Got an itch to catch a lot of fish? Then try wetting a line for shad this spring. 

A Writer For All Seasons

written by Jim Wilson

Jim Dean, whose column became a must-read for WINC subscribers over the past 40 years, leaves a legacy of hooking fish and spinning tales.

Walking On Country Roads (Sample Article) 

written by John Manuel

Don’t let the paved paths fool you: The Coastal portion of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail offers a wealth of views, history and challenges.

Taking On Turkeys

written by Gerald Almy

From calls to camo, these 10 tips will help you bag a gobbler this spring.

The Accidental Birder

written by Malorey Henderson
photographed by Todd Pusser

Like the author, whose appreciation of birds increased after joining the N.C. Birding Trail, you might be a birdwatcher without realizing it.

This Month's Sample Articles

Walking on Country Roads

written by John Manuel

Don’t let the paved paths fool you: The Coastal portion of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail offers a wealth of views, history and challenges.



Wild & Tasty

Our chef gave his traditional duck recipe a North Carolina twist by swapping a red wine sauce for a Cheerwine glaze. While the combination may sound unusual, this crispy and tender dish is sure to please.

Coming in the Next Issue

In the May / June Issue

Below the Surface

Take a look at North Carolina’s aquatic habitat from a unique perspective: underwater. The first installment of a three-part series examines the diverse ecology and life within our mountain streams.

Outdoor Photography 101

Class is in session for anyone interested in nature photography as we ask a variety of photographers for tips to taking better pictures. 

The Invertebrate Whisperer

Quay Award winner Stephen Hall dedicated his career to the conservation of invertebrates, focusing on moths, butterflies and grasshoppers.

2018 Spring Outdoor Guide

Table of Contents for 2018 Spring Outdoor Guide


Editor’s Note


Putting a Bow on a Fishing Alternative

written by Hannah Shively | photographed by Melissa McGaw
If you are passionate about hunting and fishing, then you might want to give bowfishing a shot.


Regulations for Mountain Trout


Delayed Harvest Stocking Dates


North Carolina Angler Recognition Program


North Carolina Freshwater Fishing Records


Identification Chart


Regulations for Warmwater Game Fish


Bass on Top

written by Mike Zlotnicki | photographed by Thomas Harvey
Nothing beats the strike when fishing topwater lures.


Coastal Boating Guide


Piedmont Boating Access Areas


Mountain Boating Access Areas


Youth Take to the Fields at Pirate Classic

written by Mike Zlotnicki | photographed by Melissa McGaw
Inaugural event seeks to help ‘remove barriers’ for young turkey hunters.


2017 Reported Spring Wild Turkey Harvest


The Upland Gazette

2017 Fall Outdoor Guide

Table of Contents for 2017 Fall Outdoor Guide


Editor's Note


An Upland Alternative

written by Mike Zlotnicki | photographed by Melissa McGaw
Hunting preserves vary in amenities and options but share a similar quality: a place to pursue gamebirds.


Index to Game Lands


North Carolina Hunting Seasons


Secrets of the Sandhills (PDF)

written and photographed by Brady Beck
Follow along as longtime biologist Brady Beck leads a special tour of Sandhills Game Land.


Regulations for Warmwater Game Fish


Regulations for Mountain Trout


Bear Season Map


Deer Season Maps


North Carolina Goose Zones


Hunting Regulations and Information


A Return to Squirrels

written by Walter “Deet” James | photographed by Melissa McGaw
Once a staple of every young hunter, squirrel hunting has largely been replaced by a pursuit of big game. The time has come for a change.


Big Game Harvest Reports for 2016–17


The Upland Gazette

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