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Table of Contents for November/December 2016 Issue


The Rabbit Pack

written by Jim Lasley | photographed by Melissa McGaw
Fellowship, mentoring inspire a group of longtime hunters to stick together.



Voice of the Outdoors

written by Mike Zlotnicki
North Carolina native son Eddie Nickens has combined a passion for the outdoors and writing into a dream career.



A Winter Gathering

Written by Dusty Wilson | illustrated by Amy Friend
Get warmed up for striper season with some cold-weather fly-fishing on the Roanoke River.



The View From Above

written by Scott Hotaling
Fall colors and snow-capped peaks are just two of the many reasons to make a trip to the mountains of western North Carolina.



Where Has the Grass Gone? (PDF)

written by Doug Howell and Michelle Moorman
Factors impacting submerged aquatic vegetation bring together partners at Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge.



How to Build a Nest Box

Written and photographed by F. Eugene Hester
Birds of different feathers will flock to these houses.



This Month's Sample Article



Where Has the Grass Gone? (PDF)

written by Doug Howell & Michelle Moorman

Factors impacting submerged aquatic vegetation bring together partners at Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge.







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Readers Get the Picture

After receiving more than 1,500 entries from WINC subscribers, we unveil the winners of our 12th annual photo competition. More than 30 photographs have been selected as the best of the best in 10 categories.


Wild and Tasty

Don’t let that venison in your freezer go to waste. We’ll help you get cooking by sharing a delicious chili recipe.


A United Front

Hunters and wildlife defenders come together in a grassroots effort to advocate for one of North Carolina’s most valuable habitats: over 1 million acres of National Forest.













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Table of Contents for 2016 Fall Outdoor Guide


Gone to the Dogs

written by Mike Zlotnicki | photographed by Thomas Harvey
Wade Meacham shares his secrets to success after decades of training gun dogs and pets.


Deer Hunting for a Cause

written by C.C. King | photographed by Melissa McGaw
Backyard Bow Pro helps feed those in need by building a partnership between hunters and landowners.


First Hunt (PDF)

written and photographed by Andrea Danchi
A passion to learn leads this novice from the classroom to a box blind.


The Upland Gazette (PDF)

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