Waterfowl in North Carolina

Habitat Management
North Carolina Partners Program – NC Partners is a cooperative program between the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Ducks Unlimited and the Natural Resources Conservation Service whose goal is to assist landowners with developing wetland habitat on their property.

o   NC Partners Fact Sheet (PDF)  

Wetland Habitat Management Guides 

o   Waterfowl Habitat on Prior Converted Wetlands in North Carolina

o   Waterfowl Habitat Management Handbook for the Lower Mississippi River Valley (PDF)

o   Moist Soil Plant Photo Guide (PDF)

Control of Invasive Aquatic Plants – Effective management of wetland areas for waterfowl and other wetland species can be complicated by the presence and spread of invasive plant species.  Phragmites (Phragmites australis) is common in many managed wetlands and control can be difficult.  The following are several sources that describe management strategies including chemical control. 

o   Phragmites-Chapter 13.9 in Biology and Control of Aquatic Plants (PDF)– A Best Management Practices Handbook (published by Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation)

o   Landowners Guide For Controlling Phragmites (PDF) – This guide was written for landowners in Nebraska, but management strategies are similar for North Carolina.