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Table of Contents for January/February 2016 Issue

2015 Photo Competition

Presenting the top photos in 10 categories.

Mr. B and a Little Brown Pup

written by Keith Hendrickson | illustrated by Gary Palmer

It doesn’t take picture-perfect dog work to make a hunt memorable, as the author’s old Boykin spaniel showed.

A Different Kind of Waterfowling

written and photographed by James F. Parnell

Duck hunting doesn’t have to mean a full choke and non-toxic shot. A long lens on a digital camera offers the same challenge.

This Month's Sample Article

2015 Photo Competition (PDF)

Presenting the top photos in 10 categories:

  • grand prize
  • birds
  • mammals
  • reptiles and amphibians
  • invertebrates
  • wild plants
  • outdoor recreation
  • wild landscapes
  • animal behavior
  • youth photographer 13–17
  • youth photographer 12 and under

Coming in the next issue

Making Memories

From the Smoky Mountains to sandy beaches, North Carolina state parks are home to over 15 million visitors annually. This year, the park system celebrates 100 years of service to the Old North State.

Which Fly to Tie on?

Sporadic hatches on our mountain waters make matching the hatch less important, and fly selection more difficult. Sometimes a fly needs to act like prey as much as look like prey.

A Better Turkey Gunner

Successful turkey hunting starts with knowing your gun, not your quarry. Read about some simple steps to help get intimate with your firearm.