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Table of Contents for May/June 2016 Issue

Ecological Engineers

written by Jared Lloyd 
Few creatures can transform a habitat quite like cavity-building woodpeckers.

Even Closer to the Real Thing

written by Marty Shaffner | photographed by Ralph Hensley
New breed of turkey decoys offers hunters an edge.

Follow the Gold

written by Curtis Smalling | photographed by Melissa McGaw
Researchers track golden-winged warblers from North Carolina to Central America to better understand this disappearing species.

2016 Photo Competition Rules

Don’t miss this chance to have your photos published. Read over the rules and categories and grab your camera to enter the 12th annual Wildlife in North Carolina Photo Competition.

Brimley and the Whale Shark

written and photographed by Todd Pusser
A North Carolina scientist’s discovery nearly a century ago is no fish tale.

Gone Fishing

written by Terry Krautwurst | illustrated by Gary Palmer
A day off in the woods should never be dull.

This Month's Sample Article

Even Closer to the Real Thing (PDF)

New breed of turkey decoys offers hunters an edge.

Coming in the next issue

Big Blue

Bluefin tuna is not only one of the most extraordinary species of fish in the ocean, but it is also one of the most mysterious and, sadly, endangered.

Meaning of the Hunt

A Wildlife Resources Commission staff member takes a personal journey to examine why he and so many others are driven to hunt.

Have Jug, Will Fish

It’s simple, fun and one of the best ways to catch a mess of catfish. Come learn how to jug fish with us.