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Table of Contents for March/April 2016 Issue

A New Century for State Parks

written by John Manuel
Celebrations are in the works as North Carolina parks turn 100.

Turkey Season Tune-up

written by Jacob Hacker
Don’t wait until the last minute to get ready for turkey season. Follow six simple steps that can be done in your own living room to become a better turkey gunner.

For Wilder Trout

written by Neil Norman | illustrated by Jeff Kennedy
A writer’s realization that not all fly-fishing spots are created equal.

The Last Giants

written and photographed by Todd Pusser
A pair of "hunters" lead the search for champion trees in North Carolina, from a 100-foot longleaf pine to a massive bald cypress.

Picking the Right fly to tie

written by Marty Shaffner
Beginner’s luck won’t get you far in fly-fishing. Instead, knowing which fly to use is key to success for new anglers.

This Month's Sample Article

The Last Giants (PDF)

written and photographed by Todd Pusser
Searching for champion trees in North Carolina




Coming in the next issue

Ecological Engineers

Few animals can transform an ecosystem quite like a woodpecker, whose nest cavities throughout a forest become homes to creatures of all sorts and sizes.

Gone Fishing

There may not be two sweeter words in the English language than "Gone Fishing," even when a day on the stream results in few fish.

Art of the Decoy

Turkey decoys have come a long way in recent years. We offer insight and tips on what’s available for hunters.