REPORT a Tagged Striped Bass

Coastal river anglers who catch a striped bass with a red or yellow tag this spring can fatten their wallets and, at the same time, participate in research projects that help fisheries biologists manage North Carolina’s striped bass populations. Fisheries biologists use the results from both studies to determine striped bass movement throughout North Carolina’s coastal waters and to estimate mortality rates of the state’s striped bass populations.

REPORT a RED Tagged Striped Bass

N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission biologists are cooperating with researchers from N.C. State University on a project to study striped bass migration patterns and mortality rates in coastal rivers of North Carolina. The striped bass used in these projects are tagged with red tags, which are printed with a unique number and contact information for the project.



REPORT a YELLOW Tagged Striped Bass

(NCDMF website)

  • Charlton Godwin  800-338-7805 or 252-264-3911
  • Reward: $5, hat, or fishing towel
  • Please leave your name and phone number if you reach a recording.  Your call will be returned.           

Commission fisheries biologists participate in a similar tagging study conducted by the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries each year, yet tag striped bass in coastal rivers and sounds with yellow tags.

The tags are located in the abdominal area of the fish behind the left pectoral fin.