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Deer Hunting Seminar is both Extremely Instructional and Very Interesting

Feb 18

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2/18/2014 3:22 PM  RssIcon

By Mark Knelson, Guest Blogger

I found these (deer hunting) seminars to be both extremely instructional and very interesting. While no one in my family in recent years had hunted I had some interest and these seminars proved to be the perfect opportunity to allow me to pursue this exciting sport. I was lucky enough to discuss these seminars with one of my buddies at work who is a long-time hunter having hunted with his father for years and now teaching his son.

He agreed to act as a mentor with the understanding that there was much more to hunting than simply going out and shooting an animal.Obviously, I completely agree and was able to enjoy the tract that has been in his families’ hands for many years north of Greensboro. We also built a very nice stand, reviewed images from game cameras, put out corn and salt and walked the property looking for scrapes and other signs of deer movement. I hunted on four mornings and was lucky enough to see a doe followed by this buck one morning in tall grass right in front of me and got off a good single 80-yard shot with a borrowed 30 odd six that took him down instantly. I then had the experience of dressing out the buck as well as the dear my mentor had shot and have been enjoying the sausage and backstrap as well as a snack sticks with my family.

I really appreciate the door opened by these seminars to this wonderful sport. I have since purchased a crossbow, still thinking about which rifle and am looking forward to next year’s deer season!

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Re: Deer Hunting Seminar is both Extremely Instructional and Very Interesting

So was there any cost?

By James William on   12/21/2015 8:04 PM

Re: Deer Hunting Seminar is both Extremely Instructional and Very Interesting

Mr. William, the seminars are free.

By NCWRC blogger on   12/22/2015 7:49 AM

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