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Talking Turkey about … well, about a Turkey Survey

Apr 16

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4/16/2012 10:26 AM  RssIcon

Ever wonder how the turkey population in North Carolina is doing from year to year?

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission conducts a survey each summer to find those answers. From asking participants about the turkeys they observed between July 1 and August 31, 2011, biologists can determine wild turkey productivity and carryover of gobblers from the previous season.

Who typically gets surveyed?  A bunch of folks, including members of the National Wild Turkey Federation, sportsmen, personnel from the Commission, N.C. Forest Service, U.S. Forest Service, several military bases and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  It’s a large, diverse group to survey, and the respondents provide a lot of useful data.

For example, the 680 participants in 2011 observed 32,877 wild turkeys statewide. Of the hens, 59 percent had poults, or young, which indicates fair nesting success. The ratio of poults to hens also indicates fair poult survival statewide. While wild turkey productivity was slightly down in the coastal and mountain regions when compared to 2010, it was up in the Piedmont region.

Click here for the complete survey results.

4 comment(s) so far...

Re: Talking Turkey about … well, about a Turkey Survey

I thought the process was a little more scientific than a survey of individuals that noticed wild turkeys during the year.

By Reverse Cell Phone Lookup on   5/7/2012 10:26 AM

Re: Talking Turkey about … well, about a Turkey Survey

My input. I so want to see a week of turkey season in the fall. The best of Thanksgiving is a fresh wild fried turkey. What do we need to do to bring back the Thankful Week of The Turkey Hunt. Bow season is quite long, muzzleloader came back full for two weeks, it is my belief that somewhere in there a week of Thankful Turkey Season could be brought in without harm to either other season. Across this state hunters say the same and the gobblers are plentiful enough for those who seek the hope of a fresh fowl on the table again. Butterball foey !! Bring that fresh North Carolina Gobbler Season back!

By Tonya Cruse on   11/23/2014 12:41 PM

Re: Talking Turkey about … well, about a Turkey Survey

Is a magazine plug required for turkey season like dove season?

By Kenny on   4/15/2016 7:37 AM

Re: Talking Turkey about … well, about a Turkey Survey

Kenny, no. That regulation only applies to migratory birds and a turkey is an upland gamebird.

By NCWRC blogger on   4/15/2016 8:17 AM

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