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Father’s Day Gift Giving Ideas

Jun 14

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6/14/2012 12:54 PM  RssIcon

Did you remember that Father’s Day is this Sunday? If so, and you’ve already gotten his present — well good for you! If, on the other hand, you forgot that June 17 is that special day to celebrate dad, then check out some of these gift ideas, which are all available at the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s online N.C. Wild Store.

No matter if your dad hunts, fishes or just enjoys the outdoors, the Wild Store has a product we’re sure he will like.

A perfect gift for nearly every dad (or for yourself for that matter), is a subscription to Wildlife in North Carolina, the agency’s award-winning publication, which features stunning photographs and well-written articles on Tarheel wildlife, their habitats, wildlife research, and other interrelated natural resource topics. A one-year subscription is just $12, while a three-year subscription is $30. Both subscription options include two special edition guides — one in the spring on fishing and the other in the fall on hunting.

Trout anglers will appreciate the North Carolina Trout Fishing Maps book, which contains maps of trout waters that are open to public fishing. The maps are color-coded according to the trout signs posted on the streams and detail the trout regulations in effect. The book is $12 and shipping is free!

Does your dad like to bear hunt? If so, he may be interested in the DVD “The Bear Facts – the Story of a North Carolina Treasure,” a documentary that covers black bear history and biology, research and monitoring, coexisting with bears, hunting traditions and the future of the black bear in North Carolina.

If your dad’s a backyard birder, get him out of the yard and on the road with a Commission birding trail guide by his side. We have three editions — one for the Piedmont, Coast and Mountain. Each guide is on sale for only $12 and highlights the more than 470 birding sites along the North Carolina Birding Trail, which is a driving trail that links great birding sites across the state. Lots of beautiful pictures are complemented by maps, detailed descriptions of each site, access information and onsite visitor amenities. 

“A Guide to the Snakes of North Carolina” is a perfect choice for dads who love snakes — and even those who don’t but want to be able to identify the venomous ones from the non-venomous ones. The 42-page book, which costs $8.95, features more than 150 color photographs and descriptions of the 37 snake species found in North Carolina. If your dad has ever uttered the words, “Is that a copperhead or a corn snake?” you owe it to him — and to the snakes of North Carolina — to get him this book today.

For the dad who is more interested in wildlife critters that hop as oppose to those that slither, the “Frogs and Toads of North Carolina” field identification guide with a CD features descriptions of calls of North Carolina’s 30 frog and toad species. The 88-page book with the CD costs $15 and is packed with more than 120 full-color photographs and lots of information on habitats, habits and identification techniques.

And finally, if you’re still clueless about what to get dear old dad, don’t forget about our lifetime licenses, which are available with a variety of options — from just lifetime fishing privileges to lifetime hunting and fishing privileges. Lifetime licenses are truly the “gift that keeps on giving.” Find out more about the different kinds of lifetime licenses available here.

And for all of you fathers out there, have a wonderful Father’s Day. And don’t forget, take your kids hunting or fishing the next time you go. They’ll love you even more. We promise.

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