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Top 10 List: Fund-Raiser FAILS for the State Fair

Nov 9

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11/9/2012 1:20 PM  RssIcon

RALEIGH, N.C. (Nov. 9, 2012) — State Fairs and County Fairs may have ended last month, but follow-up work and debriefings continue into the winter. One topic of discussion within the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission addresses the Wildlife Diversity Buttons T-shirt that was developed in cooperation with Neuse Sport Shop this year as a fund-raiser for the Wildlife Diversity Program.

You may have seen the shirt— a smallmouth bass leaping across the Wildlife diamond logo on the front, replicas of all 32 wildlife buttons on the back (including this year’s smallmouth bass button and the original squirrel button from the 1981 State Fair).

But what you have not seen is thelist of potential fund-raisers from early brainstorming sessions when theWildlife Commission’s State Fair Committee was kicking around ideas to generatefunds for the WildlifeDiversity Program. Here’s your chance to peek behind the curtain.

From the home office in Raleigh, N.C., here are the Top 10 Fund-Raiser FAILSthat were considered — even if only for a microsecond — and then rejected aspossible Wildlife Commission products or services to be sold at the State Fair:

10. Camo Cotton Candy

9.   Doe Urine Car Fresheners

8.   Deep Fried Mystery Wildlife Meat

7.   Win a Date: Bachelor Biologists Auction

6.   Endangered Shellfish on the Half Shell

5.   Scientific Genus-Species Names Spelling Bee

4.   Scratch-and-Sniff Skunk Stickers and Tattoos

3.   Venom-Allergen Station w/2-for-1 Discount EpiPens for Sale

2.   Adopt-a-Feral-Hog-House-Pet-a-thon

And the number one Fund-Raiser Failthat the Wildlife Commission considered rolling out at this year’s State Fair?

1.     Snakehead Fish Kissing Booth

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Re: Top 10 List: Fund-Raiser FAILS for the State Fair

Funny stuff!

By Landon on   11/12/2012 10:16 AM

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