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Fishing pier at Village Point Lake in Clemmons.

Media Contact: Jodie B. Owen

CLEMMONS, N.C. (Aug. 12, 2013) — Village Point Lake in Clemmons is now open to public fishing, although construction of access facilities is still under way.  The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission recently began stocking catchable-sized catfish in the 7-acre lake in Forsyth County.

The monthly stocking of several hundred catfish, which began in April, is one of the final parts of a multi-year effort between the Commission and the Village of Clemmons to provide public fishing opportunities at the lake. 

After being drained for renovations, Village Point Lake was refilled in 2011, creating an opportunity for a fisheries partnership between the Wildlife Commission and Clemmons. Commission staff stocked bluegill, redear sunfish and largemouth bass fingerlings into the lake in 2011-12 to begin establishing a fishery in the refilled lake. Commission and Clemmons staff has since constructed a universally accessible fishing pier on the lake, installed a fish feeder within casting distance of the pier, and built a universally accessible parking area near the pier.

In the next round of construction, Clemmons staff plans to begin building a greenway that encircles the lake this fall. The greenway project will include an ADA-compliant sidewalk that connects the universally accessible parking area to the pier.

“While the pier is handicapped accessible, the path leading from the parking area to the pier currently is not handicapped accessible, so anglers in wheelchairs will need assistance to get to the pier from their vehicles,” said Kin Hodges, a fisheries biologist with the Commission. “We’ll notify the public when the ADA-compliant sidewalk is in place.”

Currently, there are two handicapped parking spaces next to the pier. Non-handicapped anglers must park offsite and walk to the pier, with the closest parking being adjacent to the traffic roundabout next to the dam. Additionally, anglers may park at the nearby Morgan Elementary School parking lot when school isn’t in session. When future phases of the project are completed, additional parking areas may become available near the lake.

Hodges noted that fishing at Village Point Lake will be restricted to the pier only.

“To ensure that water quality in the lake remains high, Clemmons staff has planted the lake margins with wetland plants that filter storm water entering the lake,” Hodges said. “This vegetated fringe will be fairly wide and it won’t be possible for anglers to fish from the banks without getting their hooks and lures hung up in plants.”

While the stockings of sunfish and largemouth bass were a one-time effort to jump-start the fishery, the Commission will continue monthly stockings of catchable-size channel catfish this year through September, and resume monthly catfish stockings next year beginning in April. Statewide size and creel limits apply to the harvest of largemouth bass, bluegill and redear sunfish, while six channel catfish of any size may be harvested daily.

“This will be an excellent fishing spot for Clemmons and Forsyth County-area anglers,” Hodges said. “The monthly catfish stockings, in particular, make the lake a good place to fish if you’re looking to catch fish for supper.”

The partnership between the Commission and Clemmons at Village Point Lake is an example of how the Commission works with counties to provide angling opportunities. The Commission uses funds through the Sport Fish Restoration Program to support access projects.

For more information on fishing in public, inland waters, visit www.ncwildlife.org/fishing.

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