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Wildlife Commission’s Upland Gazette to be Part of Spring and Fall Guides of Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine

The Wildlife Commission’s Upland Gazette newsletter is published each Spring and Fall for anyone interested in wildlife species and the habitats they need to live in the Tarheel state. The Upland Gazette is in its 20th year of providing North Carolinians information about bobwhite quail, rabbits, other small game wildlife, songbirds, and many other game and nongame species and their habitats.

Beginning in the Fall of 2015, the Upland Gazette will transition from a stand-alone publication, available in print and online, to become a part of Wildlife in North Carolina’s Spring and Fall Guides. Online readers will still be able to access each issue of the Upland Gazette on our website. Issues from 1996 through 2015 are posted here for readers.

All subscribers to Wildlife in North Carolina will receive the Upland Gazette as part of their normal subscription. All current subscribers to the paper edition of the Upland Gazette will receive a complimentary copy of Wildlife in North Carolina’s Spring or Fall Guide until their subscription expires. We encourage readers to consider subscribing to Wildlife in North Carolina and/or read the Upland Gazette here on our website.

The Latest Issue

Stay up-to-date with North Carolina small game issues and wildlife habitat information in the Upland Gazette newsletter!

The Spring 2015 Issue of the Upland Gazette is now available along with all past issues at the links below.  Articles in the current issue include:

  • An announcement about the inclusion of the Upland Gazette in Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine’s Fall Guide beginning this year,
  • An update on the “Conservation Cannon” better known as the Farm Bill,
  • Maps and contacts for Wildlife Commission staff who are available to assist hunters, landowners, property managers, and the general public across the state. 
  • A “How To” describing proper herbicide equipment to use for wildlife habitat management,
  • Advice on using prescribed fire to maximize deer forage quality, and
  • An essay from a hunter describing his rabbit hunt on one of the Wildlife Commission’s CURE properties. 

Please look for future issues here on our website and consider subscribing to Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine to continue to receive the Upland Gazette.

We hope you enjoy the Upland Gazette!

How to Obtain

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