Volunteer Opportunities as a Hunter Education Instructor

Hunter Education Instructors are volunteers within their community who teach hunter education courses. They share knowledge and appreciation of the sport of hunting, while they promote conservation and safe, responsible outdoor recreation.

These volunteers must be 21 years old, pass a background check and satisfy training requirements to instruct a standardized state curriculum. They follow a code of conduct and accept the responsibility to be dependable, prompt and efficient.

Contact a Hunter Education Specialist

Mouse over or click on your district to view the contact information for your Hunter Education Specialist


District 9: Darrin Ball
(828) 891-4093
darrin.ball@ncwildlife.org District 8: Wesley Blair
(828) 726-1160
wes.blair@ncwildlife.org District 7: Tim Lemon
(336) 430-5144
tim.lemon@ncwildlife.org District 6: Michael Nye
(704) 218-1206
michael.nye@ncwildlife.org District 5: Carissa Shelton
(336) 455-0292
carissa.shelton@ncwildlife.org District 4: Kevin Crabtree
(910) 876-2376
kevin.crabtree@ncwildlife.org District 3: Hilton Best
(252) 904-9873
hilton.best@ncwildlife.org District 2: Chris Kent
(252) 521-5190
christopher.kent@ncwildlife.org District 1: Chet Clark
(252) 506-1360