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Conserving North Carolina's Wildlife Resources

Wildlife conservation and habitat management take all of us working together, from hunters and anglers to backyard birders to town officials. Find out how you can get involved.


North Carolina is home to a rich diversity of wildlife. Learn about our protected, threatened and endangered wildlife, as well as species that aren’t hunted, trapped or fished.


Local governments, including municipalities and counties, are critical partners for conservation. Expand your involvement.


Wildlife need habitat for food, water, shelter and reproduction. Find out where wildlife lives in your area – from the mountains to the coast to your own backyard.


Learn about conservation programs sponsored by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.


Manage your land to conserve North Carolina wildlife and habitats, whether forest, field or your own backyard.


Find out more about how you can get actively involved in conserving wildlife resources.

Nongame Wildlife Advisory Committee

Learn more about the Nongame Wildlife Advisory Committee.
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