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A Tale of Two Blue Catfish State Records - In His Own Words

A Tale of Two Blue Catfish State Records - In His Own Words

If you love to fish or simply keep up with fishing-related news stories, then you’ve likely heard about Zakk Royce. Zakk is the Murfreesboro angler who caught not one but two state record blue catfishes in a 24-hour period in December in Lake Gaston.  The first fish Zakk caught weighed 91 pounds; the second 105 pounds. Incredibly, he released both fish alive so that other anglers, perhaps Zakk himself, could experience the opportunity of reeling in a monster fish. While various news media reported the amazing feat, we have the story in Zakk’s own words below. Also, check out this cool video of the catches here, courtesy of Zakk and his father, Jon Royce. “I started out Sunday morning catching fish up to 30 pounds as soon as I started fishing. About an hour or two into fishing that morning suddenly my rod off the port side of my boat bent completely over. I grabbed the fishing rod and knew it was biggest fish immediately. 20 minutes or...
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