Wildlife Commission Approves Emergency Powers Proposal

  • 13 January 2011
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RALEIGH, N.C. (Jan. 14, 2011) – The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission approved a proposed regulation at its business meeting yesterday giving the agency’s Executive Director the authority to implement an emergency response plan in the event of a wildlife disease outbreak that threatens irreparable injury to wildlife or the public.

The rule, which goes into effect March 1, 2011, implements the emergency powers authorized by the General Assembly and written into state statute.

The emergency response plan would be developed in consultation with the Governor’s office and the State Veterinarian, as required by statute, and would allow the Commission to quickly regulate public activities in order to contain the disease. The plan would be effective for 90 days following the Commission’s determination that a disease outbreak has occurred, unless a temporary rule is adopted within that time to continue the provisions in the emergency plan.

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