Wildlife Commission Approves New Hunting Designation to Butner-Falls of Neuse Game Land

  • 27 August 2015
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RALEIGH, N.C. (Aug. 27, 2015) — The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission today approved a proposal to re-designate approximately 157 acres on the Butner-Falls of Neuse Game Land from an All Weapons Game Land to an Archery Zone, Gun Free Zone, and a Restricted Firearms Zone.

The re-designation will go into effect when Commission staff posts the boundaries on the game land, which is located in Durham County.  The affected section encompasses 139 acres of Archery Zone, of which 40 acres is further designated as a Guns Free Zone. The Archery Zone designation restricts hunters to the use of bow-and-arrow hunting and falconry only; the Gun Free Zone prohibits the possession of any firearm. The remaining 18 acres is designated as a Restricted Firearms Zone, where hunting with centerfire rifles is prohibited. See detailed map for zones.

The Commission is re-designating this section of the game land because of its close proximity to Little River Elementary School and Durham Technical Community College’s Northern Durham Center as well as several narrow fingers of game land in the same vicinity. The agency is complying with the Federal Gun-Free School Zones Act, which prohibits the discharge or possession of firearms within 1,000 feet of an elementary or secondary school.

Staff will post boundaries and erect signage on the game land to advise hunters of the new changes in the designation. For more information on hunting in North Carolina, visit the Commission’s website, hunting page.

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