Nongame Wildlife Advisory Committee

Mission Statement and Purpose

Per G.S. 113-335, the Nongame Wildlife Advisory Committee (NWAC or Committee) is to be “composed of knowledgeable and representative citizens of North Carolina whose responsibility shall be to advise the Commission on matters related to conservation of nongame wildlife species in the state”. Additionally, the powers and duties of the NWAC are listed in G.S. 113-336. The NWAC was established through resolution by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC or Commission) on July 14, 1986. This resolution was revised and reaffirmed in 2014 by vote of the Habitat, Nongame and Endangered Species Commission Committee (HNGES). WRC’s resolution enumerates several functions of the NWAC.

The NWAC has no rule-making authority but is regularly requested to provide input and recommendations to the WRC regarding the conservation of nongame wildlife species and their habitats. Authority for enacting rules regarding protected animals or other matters rests with the WRC, pursuant to provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act (G.S. 150B). Furthermore, the NWAC promotes collaboration between WRC and the academic community.

NWAC Membership Seats

    Name NWAC Seat Affiliate Seat Term Expiring June 30
Lane Sauls, Jr.
Ecological Engineering LLP
Chair Industry Affiliate 2021
Judith Ratcliffe
NC Dept of Natural & Cutural Resources
Vice Chair Government Affiliate 2020
Dr. Liz Ruthledge
North Carolina Wildlife Federation
Secretary At-large Affiliate 2020
Michael Abney
Duke Energy
  Expert Affiliate 2021
Jeff Beane
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
NC Dept of Natural & Cultural Resources
  Government Affiliate 2021
Dr. Karen Beck
NC Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Services
  Government Affiliate 2021
J. Edward Corey III
NC State Parks
  Expert Affiliate 2021
Marquette Crockett
Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy
  Expert Affiliate 2020
Jared Gray
NC Dept of Transportation
  Government Affiliate 2021
Elaine Jordan
The Coastal Companies
  At-large Affiliate 2021
Dr. Elizabeth Kalies
The Nature Conservancy

Conservation NGO Affiliate

Sarah McRae
US Fish and Wildlife Service
  Government Affiliate 2020
Dr. Joe Poston
Catawba College
  At-large Affiliate 2021
Dr. David Webster
Dept of Biology and Marine Biology
EXE At-large Expert Affiliate 2020
Bruce White
GFR Forestry Consultants, PLLC
  Industry Affiliate 2021