Additional data packages are available for certain regions of the state. The regional datasets are meant to be used in addition to the statewide dataset.

In order for the ArcMap or ArcReader map projects for your planning area to display the map layers automatically please create a folder on your C drive titled GGT_GIS if you have not already and follow the steps below.

Greater Uwharries Region

  • Download supplemental data for the Uwharries Region (Anson, Richmond, Montgomery, Stanly, Cabarrus, Iredell, Davie, Davidson and Randolph counties). Click here (2.8 MB .zip file). Unzip the folder to the name provided such that the file path is C:\GGT_GIS\Greater Uwharries Ecoregion Data.
  • Download the Greater Uwharries Regional Appendix here for information about the additional map layers. 


Sandhills Region

  • Download the Sandhills Region GIS dataset.  This dataset covers the following Sandhills counties: Montgomery, Moore, Lee, Harnett, Cumberland, Hoke, Scotland, and Richmond.
  • For layers to display properly in the map project, within C:\GGT_GIS please create two subfolders titled Sandhills Ecoregion Data Tier 1 and Sandhills Ecoregion Data Tier 2. Unzip the contents of the 'Tier' and the 'Tier' such that the folder paths are C:\GGT_GIS\Sandhills Ecoregion Data Tier 1\Tier 1 and C:\GGT_GIS\Sandhills Ecoregion Data Tier 2\Tier 2. (Use the command 'Extract to here').
  • Tier 1 Resources (18 MB .zip file)
  • Tier 2 Resources (134 MB .zip file)


  • Download the Sandhills Regional Appendix here for information about the additional map layers and priority wildlife habitats in the region.



Coastal Region

  • For layers to display properly in the ArcGIS map project for your planning area, please follow the instructions below.
  • Create a folder on your C drive titled 'GGT_GIS', if you have not already. Click here to download the 'Coastal Ecoregion Data' folders and map legend (.lyr). Unzip the 'Coastal Ecoregion Data' folder by left clicking on the .zip file and going to Open with, winzip, Extract to C:\GGT_GIS\Coastal Ecoregion Data.
  • Download the Coastal Region GIS dataset by clicking on the links to the map layers on NC OneMap below.  The dataset covers coastal counties from Columbus to Northampton and all counties to the east.
  • Tier 1 Resources - Download the Shellfish Growing Areas map layer produced by the NC Division of Marine Fisheries, from NC OneMap and place it in the Tier 1 subfolder. Unzip (extract) by right clicking the file and going to winzip, Extract to C:\GGT_GIS\Coastal Ecoregion Data\Tier 1\sga.
  • Many layers are not considered tier 1 or tier 2, but may be helpful information for the assessment of natural resource existing conditions. Extract these folders by right clicking winzip, Extract to C:\GGT_GIS\Coastal Ecoregion Data\[the folder name automatically given]. 


Download the Coastal Regional Appendix here for information about the additional map layers.