North Carolina Freshwater Fishing Records

The following tables contain the current fishing records for a variety of freshwater species.

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Species Weight Location Date Angler Lure/Bait Photo
Bodie bass
(hybrid striped bass)
17 lbs 7oz Lake Chatuge 3/15/96 Michael R. Hogsed Rebel Jointed Plug
Roanoke bass 2 lbs 11oz Nash County Fishing Creek 4/27/94 Richard Elijah Evans Spinnerbait
largemouth bass 15 lbs 14 oz Farm Pond, Union County 3/29/91 William H. Wofford Crankbait
rock bass 1 lb 14 oz Deep River, Carbonton 4/29/98 Robert W. Lytton Crappie Jig
smallmouth 10 lbs 2 oz Hiwassee Reservoir 6/1/51 Archie Lampkin Unknown
spotted bass

6 lbs 5 oz

Lake Norman 12/26/03 Eric M. Weir Zoom Finesse Worm
striped bass 54 lbs 2 oz Hiwassee Reservoir 6/7/91 Larry KIeith Verner Minnow
white bass 5 lbs 14 oz Kerr Reservoir 3/15/86 Jim King Bucktail


Species Weight Location Date Angler Lure/Bait Photo
blue catfish 89 lbs Badin Lake 11/25/06 Eric Fincher Shiner
channel catfish 23 lbs 4 oz City Lake in Rocky Mount 9/1/70 E.J. Bowden Shrimp
flathead catfish 78lbs Cape Fear River 9/17/05 Brian Newberger Live eel
white catfish 13 lbs Lake James 5/21/90 Jerry Wayne Bentley Night crawler
brown bullhead 3 lbs 12 oz Buck Hall Creek, Duplin County 4/26/97 Gregory Dale Hughes Night crawler


Species Weight Location Date Angler Lure/Bait Photo
white perch 2 lbs 15 oz Falls of the Neuse Reservoir 12/16/01 Bob G. Williams, Jr. Strata Spoon
yellow perch 2 lbs 9 oz Indiantown Creek 2/8/90 Evelyn G. Ethridge Minnow


Species Weight Location Date Angler Lure/Bait Photo
chain pickerel 8 lbs Gaston Reservoir 2/13/68 John H. Leonard Minnow
redfin pickerel 2 lbs 4 oz Gallberry Swamp 6/23/97 Edward C. Davis Minnow


Species Weight Location Date Angler Lure/Bait Photo
American shad 7 lbs 15 oz Tar River 4/10/74 R.S. Proctor Shad dart
hickory shad 4 lbs 1 oz Pitchkettle Creek 2/22/04 Trey Maroules Spoon


Species Weight Location Date Angler Lure/Bait Photo
pumpkinseed 1 lb 6 oz Trent River 5/21/03 John Koonce Eel
redear (shellcracker) 4 lbs 15 oz Edgecomb County 5/19/08 Travis Jackson worm
bluegill 4lbs 5 oz Henderson County 7/27/67 Danny Case Catawba worm
flier 1 lb 5 oz Private pond 3/17/90 Douglas N. McCall Cricket
green sunfish 1 lb 14 oz Private pond in Caswell County 7/27/08 Sean Vanderburg Culprit plastic worm
redbreast 1 lb 12 oz Bladen Co. Big Swamp 5/29/83 Ronald Stanley Beetle spin
warmouth 1 lb 13 oz Richmond Co. McLeods Pond 5/7/76 Emma Sears Minnow


Species Weight Location Date Angler Lure/Bait Photo
brook trout 7 lbs 7 oz Raven Fork River 5/15/80 G.L. Marshall, Jr. Rooster tail
brown trout 24 lbs 10 oz Nantahala River 4/17/98 Robert Lee Dyer #11 Rapala
rainbow trout 20 lbs 3 oz Horsepasture River, Jackson Co. 1/28/06 Leah Johnson Rapala


Species Weight Location Date Angler Lure/Bait Photo
bowfin 17 lbs 15 oz Black River 6/21/97 Gregory A. Demery, Sr. Cut bait bream
carp 48 lbs Mecklenburg Co. pond 3/11/86 William Houston, Jr. Unknown
black crappie 4 lbs 15 oz Asheboro City Lake #4 4/27/80 Dean Dixon Minnow
white crappie 3 lbs 12 oz Tar River Reservoir 04/6/10 Ray Patterson Minnow
freshwater drum 22 lbs Kerr Lake 11/27/06 Daniel Stotts
Freshwater Drum
grass carp 68 lbs 12 oz Summerlins Pond, Leland 6/8/98 David W. Stowell Rebel Pop R
kokanee salmon 3 lbs 9 oz Nantahala Lake 6/20/09 Ashley Swann custom lure
longnose gar 25 lbs Intracoastal Waterway near Coinjock 1/30/09 Kelly WIlliams tube jig
muskellunge 41 lbs 8 oz Lake Adger 1/23/01 Richard W. Dodd Big Mack
tiger muskellunge 33 lbs 8 oz Lake James 4/3/88 Gary Dean Nanney Buzzbait
northern pike 11 lbs 13 oz Lake James 8/26/78 Keith Gilliam Storm Wiggle Wart
sauger 5 lbs 15 oz Norman Lake 7/25/71 David Shook Topwater Rapala
smallmouth buffalo 88 lbs Lake Wylie 11/14/93 Tony Crawford Pack bait
walleye 13 lbs 8 oz Lake Chatuge (Shooting Cr.) 8/16/86 Lamar L. Cofer Old faithful spoon