District 4: Suggs Mill Pond Depot

Phone number: 910-866-5190

Driving Directions:

  1. From Hwy. 53, turn on Gum Springs Road in White Oak. Travel 4-5 miles and turn left on (state maintained) dirt road, Live Oak Methodist Church Road. Travel 1 mile, turn right at Suggs Mill Pond Wildlife Mgmt. Area sign. Follow gravel road 1 mile to depot building.
  2. From Hwy. 242, turn onto Gum Springs Road. Travel 4-5 miles, turn right onto Live Oak Methodist Church Road. Follow previous directions to depot.

The vehicle used to tow the Huntmaster must be fully insured and meet all requirements specified for towing (Huntmaster weight specifications: 350 lb. tongue weight, 4260 lbs overall) requires minimum ½ ton or equivalent rated vehicle w/ standard 2” ball hitch and 12-volt 4-prong “flat” plug.