Reciprocal Fishing License Agreements

Reciprocal agreements between North Carolina and the states of Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia provide for the honoring of all state-wide hook and line fishing licenses obtainable from either of the respective states on certain boundary waters as follows:

(1) The agreement with Georgia covers fishing from boats on Chatuge Reservoir including all tributaries that are accessible by boat from the main body of the reservoir.

(2) The Tennessee agreement covers the state line portion of Slick Rock Creek and boat fishing on Calderwood Reservoir.

(3) The Virginia agreement covers the Dan River east of the Brantly Steam Plant Dam, the Staunton River east of the Rt. 360 bridge, and Kerr and Gaston reservoirs and their tributaries which are accessible by boat. The Rt. 360 bridge is the first bridge crossing the Staunton River upstream of Kerr Reservoir. The agreement also covers that portion of the New River between the confluence of the North and South forks of the New River in North Carolina (Alleghany Co.) and the confluence of the New and Little rivers in Virginia (Grayson Co.).

There are no reciprocal agreements between North Carolina and South Carolina that provide for the honoring of the other state's fishing licenses on any boundary waters.