Last Updated October 30, 2019

This list of Commission-related closings, cancellations and/or postponements due to weather-related incidents will be updated as we receive information. Consider bookmarking this page and checking back frequently.

Boating Access Areas (BAAs) and Public Fishing Areas (PFAs) Closings:

Commission staff are now evaluating specific BAAs and PFAs and posting closures as needed. 

  • Great Lake BAA, Craven County

Game Lands (listed alphabetically):

Gates are closed to vehicular access on the following game lands or game land tracts:

  • Columbus County Game Land: Campbell tract road off of NC 130 closed
  • Croatan Game Land: Pettiford Creek tract roads open, National Forest roads open on a case-by-case basis

These roads will remain closed until they have each been evaluated and deemed to be safe and suitable for public use.

Vessel Registration Contact Information

Please ensure your contact information tied your vessel registration is up-to-date if you have a vessel registered in North Carolina, in the event the Commission needs to contact you regarding your vessel..

Call 800-628-3773 or email and provide your first and last name, vessel registration number, along with a request to update your contact information.

Boating Safety Tips

  • Stay alert to changing weather conditions.
  • High water requires increased safety awareness.
  • High water can sweep heavy debris into waterways, so stay alert for partially-submerged objects.
  • Watch for increased currents.
  • Wear life jackets. 
  • Take precautions around navigation and danger buoys.
  • The water immediately above and immediately beneath dams and spillways is treacherous. Heed warning signs posted near dangerous areas and avoid boating and swimming in these areas. Unusual swirling currents can pull boats and people toward the dam and under the water.