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N.C. Wildlife News Brief - July 22, 2015

Outdoor Heritage Takes Effect Oct. 1

The Outdoor Heritage Act will take effect Oct. 1. It establishes a trust fund to promote youth participation in the outdoors, amends some wildlife regulations and provides for Sunday hunting with firearms on private property, with some restrictions. Read more information about the Outdoor Heritage Act, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Deer Management Information Shared at June Forums Now Available Online

Information on deer management in North Carolina, which was shared at nine public forums across the state in June, is posted online. The information includes a recently completed biological evaluation of the state’s deer herd, including average ages of bucks and does harvested, the peak breeding dates, and the time of the harvest.

Wildlife Commission Elects New Leadership

Wildlife Commissioners unanimously elected a new chairman and vice-chairman during its business meeting on July 16 in Raleigh. John Litton Clark, of Clinton and the District 4 commissioner, (far left) will serve as chairman. John T. Coley IV, of Holly Springs and a Governor At Large Appointee, will serve as vice chairman. More


Brook Trout License Plate Available Later this Year for First 500 Orders; Available January 2016 to General Public

The Wildlife Commission met its initial target of 500 applications for the Native Brook Trout License Plate. The plates will go into production once the N.C. State Highway Patrol Board approves the visibility of the colors and the design. People who ordered a license plate should expect to see it in November or December. If you ordered one, the Wildlife Commission thanks you for supporting our native brook trout and their habitats. If you were not among the first 500 to order a plate, we expect the Native Brook Trout License Plate to be available to the general public at Division of Motor Vehicle locations across the state beginning January 2016.

152 Young Anglers Win Fishing-Related Prizes Including Two Lifetime Licenses 

Hannah Ball, 12, of Deep Run and Faith Duncan, 10, of Madison were the big winners in a random, state-wide drawing after registering at free kids' fishing events in late May, early June to celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week 2015. Hannah won a lifetime fishing and hunting license, courtesy of Neuse Sport Shop and Faith won a lifetime freshwater fishing license, courtesy of Trout Unlimited. 150 other young anglers across the state won fishing-related prizes as well, courtesy of Neuse Sport Shop and the Wildlife Commission.  More


New Online Search Tool for Trout Anglers 

Going trout fishing? If so, be sure to check out the Wildlife Commission’s new online search tool. The Public Mountain Trout Waters Search can help anglers find places to trout fish by county or by regulation classification. When they have identified a water of interest, anglers can click on the map link to view an interactive map that zooms directly to the selected water. The search tool also provides information about rules, regulations and season dates specific to a selected water. More


Season Dates Set for Dove and Other Webless Migratory Game Birds

The 2015–16 season dates for dove and other webless migratory game birds, as well as September seasons for Canada geese and teal, have been approved.Each year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides frameworks from which to select the seasons and the Wildlife Commission chooses the actual dates within these guidelines. More

Wildlife Commission Offers Tips on Co-Existing with Alligators

As sightings of alligators become more numerous in North Carolina, the Wildlife Commission offers tips on how to co-exist peacefully with these large reptiles. Leaving it alone is the easiest and most effective way to avoid conflicts with alligators. Never feed an alligator – it is illegal and it can cause the animal to lose its natural instinct to avoid humans. Learn more tips on avoiding potentially unpleasant interactions with alligators.

Special Bundle Price Offered on N.C. Birding Trail Guides

The N.C. Birding Trail Guides can help you make the most out of your bird-watching experience. The Mountain Guide and Coastal Guide are available at a special bundle price of $12 for both! Visit the Wildlife Commission's N.C. Wild Store to place your order before they're gone.

Support Wildlife Diversity; Buy a Tundra Swan T-shirt

The official Wildlife Commission tundra swan T-shirt will go into the vault at the end of September, so this is one of your last chances to buy this handsome T-shirt that features a tundra swan flying across the agency’s logo on the front, and an enlarged image of the swan on the back. This 100% cotton T-shirt benefitting the Commission’s Wildlife Diversity Program was made possible through a generous donation from Neuse Sport Shop, located in Kinston. Available only through the Neuse Sport Shop’s website.

Other News

Catawba Game Land Removed from Commission’s Game Land Program

Kinston Angler Wins Lifetime Unified Sportsman License

Wildlife Commission Seeks Public Comment on Draft Wildlife Action Plan

Madison Angler Wins Lifetime Freshwater Fishing License

Jeff Beane Receives Prestigious Wildlife Conservation Award

Wildlife Commission Constructs Fishing Pier in Dan Nicholas Park

Wildlife Commission Renovates Fishing Area at Oak Hollow Lake

Wildlife Commission Reopens Fayetteville Boating Access Area

Forest Service Temporarily Halts Target Shooting on Croatan National Forest Due to Public Safety Concerns

Wildlife Commission and State Highway Patrol Release “On the Road, On the Water, Don’t Drink and Drive” July 4 Totals

Lifetime License Holders: Time to Request Seasonal Information

Wildlife Commission to Host Falconry Workshop in Raleigh on Aug. 22

Wildlife Commission Opens New Public Fishing Area on Dan River

David O’Neal Promoted to Captain with Wildlife Commission

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