Selling Your Fur


Fur Dealers licensed to purchase fur in North Carolina


Fur Pick Up 


Fur Harvesters Auction, Inc.

North Carolina Drop Off locations (dried fur and castor; paperwork and bags provided at drop off site)

  • Henderson, NC area - Date to be determined
  • Mountain Fur Sale, March 19, 2022, 8 a.m. to 1.p.m., Madison County Ag Extension Building, 258 Carolina Lane, Marshall, NC


Groenwold Fur and Wool Co.

In North Carolina, Groenewold will buy green (skinned) frozen beaver and otter, as well as fleshed and dried beaver and otter. All other species must be fleshed and dried. Care of pelts to sell to Groenewold.


Fur Sales


North Carolina Trappers Association Mountain Fur Sale


District 1 Virginia Trappers Association Sale

Flat fee $15.00 to sell, Pre-registration is available the week before the sale. Contact: Travis Bandy 276-210-7105