North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

HELP WANTED: Avid Bird Hunters

Starting in 1984, the Wildlife Resources Commission began surveying avid quail and avid grouse hunters in North Carolina.  These volunteer surveys help monitor long-term trends in upland gamebird populations and hunting activity.  Information is then used by biologists to form management and regulatory recommendations.

Each hunting season, we ask dedicated bird hunters to record their daily hunting activities including the number of hours hunted, number of birds flushed, and number of birds bagged.  They also record the number of rabbits and woodcock observed.  This information is recorded by the hunter on postage-paid survey cards which are mailed back to the Commission at the end of the hunting season.

Become a Volunteer

We greatly appreciate the support from hunters who provide information about their hunting trips.  If you would like to participate in the Avid Gamebird Hunter Surveys, please complete the following form.  Volunteers will receive survey postcards before each season to record their hunting information and receive an annual summary report at the end of the season. 

Thank you for your support!
Fill out this online form to become a volunteer.

Fill out this online form to become a volunteer.