American Wigeon

Photo: Wikimedia
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Scientific Name: Anas americana

Classification: Game Species

Abundance: Common throughout state



American wigeon - drake (Photo: Donna Dewhurst/USFWS)

American wigeon - female (Photo: Wikipedia)

Additional Information

The American wigeon is a medium-sized, compact duck with a round head, short nect and small bill. When breeding, the male, also known as a drake, has a mask of iridescent green feathers around its eyes and a cream-colored cap running from the crown of its head to its bill. Because of this white blaze, the wigeon is also known as baldpate. Females (hens) are not as brightly colored, having primarily a gray and brown plumage. Both males and females have a bluish bill with a black tip, a white belly and dark gray to blue-gray legs and feet. 

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Overview of American Wigeon Survey and Harvest Information - An Atlantic Flyway Perspective (PDF - 1.64MB) 

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Visit the Wildlife Commission's Waterfowl in North Carolina page for more information about management of wigeon in North Carolina.