The Green Growth Toolbox Handbook


All links below are PDFs that open to a new window. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. You may download the complete handbook or sections of interest below.

Our Green Growth workshops are meant to train users on how to use the handbook and the resources in the toolbox.


Download the entire handbook (~ 12MB)


Table of Contents & Acknowledgements

Introduction & Summary

Section 1. The Green Growth Toolbox & Benefits

Section 2. Conservation Data

Section 3. Habitat Conservation Recommendations

Section 4. Green Planning

Section 5. Greening Incentives & Ordinances

Section 6. Greening Development Site Location, Review & Design


Appendix A. Listed Species & Priority Habitats
Appendix B. Agencies & Organizations with Technical Expertise
Appendix C. Human-Wildlife Conflict Prevention
Appendix D. Glossary of Terms
Appendix E. Recommended Reading
Appendix F. Further Guidance on Conservation Planning
(The South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative Conservation Blueprint
& The NC Wildlife Action Plan Conservation Opportunity Areas)



The handbook above does not contain regional appendices, which provide supplemental information specific to different regions of the state.