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Latest CWD news 

White-tailed deer species page

Cervid Health Cooperator Program


CWD-Related Publications

Below is a list of CWD-related publications produced by the NCWRC. 

Chronic Wasting Disease Response Plan - 27-page document 

Chronic Wasting Disease Fact Sheet - 2-page handout 

Chronic Wasting Disease Frequently Asked Questions - 5-page handout

Disposal of Deer Harvested within North Carolina - 2-page handout 

Importation of Deer Carcasses and Carcass Parts in North Carolina - 2-page handout 

Precautions for Handling and Processing Deer - 2-page handout 

Cervid Health Cooperator Program - 2-page handout


National CWD Websites

CDC Chronic Wasting Disease

Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance

USDA—Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

USGS—National Wildlife Health Center

CWD-Related Videos

KNOW CWD - A Silent Killer


KNOW CWD - North Carolina's Response to CWD


Chronic Wasting Disease - FAQs