Abandoned and Derelict Vessel Program

Abandoned and derelict vessels (ADV’s) litter the North Carolina coastline as a result of severe storms and disregard for vessel maintenance needs. ADVs degrade the coastal landscape, cause navigational hazards, and can potentially cause harm to coastal habitats and environmentally sensitive areas. Several organizations including the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality, the North Carolina Coastal Federation, NOAA, and the U.S. Coast Guard have partnered together to address the issue and work to form a more proactive solution to ADVs in the future.

The Commission received funding and authority from the N.C. General Assembly, per Session Law 2020-74 and 2019-224, to inspect, investigate and remove abandoned and derelict vessels that are associated with Hurricane Florence and other past storms. Vessels that have been identified as abandoned or derelict will be added to a state database and prioritized for removal. Prior to removing and disposing of the vessel, the Commission will send written notice to the last known owner of the status of the vessel, if an owner can be determined, and post a notice on the vessel advising that the vessel is abandoned. If no response to the written notice to owner or the notice posted on the vessel is received within 30 days, indicating intent to recover while taking specific acts to remove the vessel, the Commission may proceed with removal and disposal of the vessel.

For questions related to the ADV program, please contact adv@ncwildlife.org.