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2 Bald Biologists Podcast

Avid anglers Corey Oakley and Ben Ricks are N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission biologists. Listen in as they help anglers understand more about the fish and fisheries in North Carolina while promoting conservation of valuable natural resources. These monthly podcasts will link the research and surveys conducted by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission to fishing in North Carolina. Our hope is to help anglers learn more about fish so they can catch more fish. Our expert guests will include biologists, anglers, and fishing industry professionals to talk fish and fishing in North Carolina.  And yes, we are bald and we are biologists, let's talk fishing! Thank you for listening and please submit questions and feedback to

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corey oakley portraitCorey Oakley is the Assistant Chief of Sportfish Management for the Inland Fisheries Division of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. Corey’s passion for fishing and all things fish began at early age while fishing with his father along the Neuse River while growing up in New Bern, NC. He loved to fish for large bluegill and redears (shellcrackers) as a kid. That passion led him to N.C, State University where he received both a bachelor's and master's degree in Fisheries Science. Corey has studied a variety of fish including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, hybrid striped bass, crappie, catfish, sturgeon, and many others. Corey has worked the last 18+ years as a fisheries biologist in some form in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Amy and son, Jonah. He is more passionate about fishing in North Carolina than ever before. He loves fishing for anything in NC whether it is speckled trout, redfish, and panfish on the coast or hybrid striped bass, crappie, or Roanoke Bass in the Piedmont. He will even fish for the occasional mountain trout. Corey hopes to bring his knowledge of fisheries science and his love of fishing together in the "Better Fishing with 2 Bald Biologists" podcast. He hopes listeners will learn more about the science of fisheries while gaining more information to help anglers catch fish.

ben ricks portraitBen Ricks is Coastal Region Supervisor of the Inland Fisheries division of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. Ben grew a love for fishing early in life after fishing with his Dad, Pop Pop, and Grandaddy. Ben grew up in Roanoke Rapids within walking distance of the Roanoke River and both of his grandparents had ponds. The fishing bug bit Ben early and has never let go. Ben’s passion for fish and fishing has continued into adulthood. This led to him Pursuing a Master’s degree in Fisheries Management from Auburn University. After all, if you want to catch more fish you should learn all you can about them, right? Ben was amazed by fish behavior, especially migration patterns of shad and striped bass. Fisheries science and management are now just as interesting as fishing is to Ben. His first job was as a fisheries biologist on the Alabama coast. Ben returned to North Carolina in 2010 and has been working for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission ever since. Ben has degrees, fish citations, tournament trophies, and fish on the wall, but I think my biggest achievement came when his aunt told him, “You are the fisherman your granddaddy always wanted to be.”  Ben’s hope is that through the "Better Fishing with 2 Bald Biologist" podcast he can help you understand more about fisheries science and management and use that information to catch more fish.