What is a "Birder"?

Let’s Go Birding

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What is a "Birder"?

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Birding at Home

Birdwatching on Game Lands:

South Mountains Game Land

Pond Mountain Game Land

Green River Game Land

Sandy Mush Game Land



North Carolina Bird Atlas

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission began a bird atlas project in January 2021. A bird atlas is a systematic survey of an entire region (state, county, country, etc.), usually carried out by volunteers. We will be relying on hundreds of North Carolinians to observe and record their bird sightings anywhere in the state through 2025. To learn more about the NC Bird Atlas and how to participate, visit the project website.

NC Birding Atlas brochure



Additional Information

NC Birding Trail

NC Partners in Flight

Partners in Flight

Breeding Bird Survey: Help Survey Songbird Populations

Wildlife Diversity Program

Waterfowl Hunting in NC

Game Land Maps