Wildlife Diversity Program

Staff with the Wildlife Commission’s Wildlife Diversity Program conduct projects and programs that benefit nongame species — animals without an open hunting, fishing, or trapping season. More than 700 nongame species call North Carolina home and include songbirds and other birds, reptiles and amphibians, freshwater mussels, fish and crustaceans, and mammals. Support the Wildlife Diversity Program by contributing to the N.C. Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund.   

Recovering America's Wildlife Act

The purpose of the Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife is to secure funding for much needed conservation of our most precious natural resources, our fish and wildlife. The Alliance is actively pursuing secure, annual funding for implementation of state’s Wildlife Action Plans.

Wildlife Diversity Quarterly Reports

Read more about the projects and programs conducted by Wildlife Diversity Program biologists.

North Carolina Native Species

The Wildlife Commission manages a diverse range of mammal species, freshwater fish species, reptiles and amphibians, crustaceans, mollusks and birds.

Nongame Wildlife Advisory Committee

The Nongame Wildlife Advisory Committee comprises a board of North Carolina citizens that provides advice to the Commission on nongame wildlife conservation issues across the state.