Boating Access Area Regulations

Boating access areas are designed, constructed, and maintained by the Wildlife Resource Commission's Engineering Division for public use. Compliance with the following boating access area laws will go a long way toward keeping these areas clean, safe, and for all to enjoy.

It is unlawful to:

  • Leave any vehicle, trailer, boat or other obstruction where it will impede the use of the ramp by others.
  • Park any vehicles, trailer or boat anywhere on the area other than the designated parking zone. This does not prohibit legal use of the ramp.
  • Use the area for swimming, camping, operating concessions or for any use other than the launching and recovery of boats and parking of vehicles and boat trailers, except where facilities for a particular use are provided.
  • Operate any vessel within 50 yards of the ramp at a speed greater than "No Wake" speed.
  • Possess loaded firearms on the access area.
  • Operate a vehicle on any boat access area in a manner so as to endanger life or property.
  • Deposit any debris or refuse anywhere on the grounds of the area.
  • Fail to obey any instruction or signs regulating use of the access area.
  • Conduct any special event, such as fishing tournament weigh-in, without first obtaining a letter of authorization from the Division of Engineering Services by calling (919) 707-0150. This permit must be available for inspection by wildlife enforcement officers during the event. See information about weigh-in permits here.
  • Park in handicapped space without displaying handicapped plate or sign.