Learn to Hunt

Interested in learning about hunting but don’t know any hunters?

Then our Hunting Webinars or Learn to Hunt Program are for you! Learn the basics of hunting including:

  • Hunting skills
  • Equipment and strategies
  • Wild game processing and cooking

REQUEST to Attend a Learn to Hunt Workshop Please review all below before requesting to attend.

What is the Learn to Hunt Program?

Learn to Hunt Workshops address informational barriers to participation and primarily meant for those who are interested in hunting, but don’t know how to get started. The Learn to Hunt program provides a surrogate mentored experience for those lacking social support via existing hunting family member or friend.

Learn to Hunt workshops are designed to teach new to hunting individuals "how to hunt" via a multi-faceted hunting-related skills and strategies experience and then begin hunting on their own, or with the support from family member and friends following the Learn to Hunt.

Potential hunts, although not guaranteed, may/might follow the Learn to Hunt workshop, but are largely dependent on conservation partner support (i.e., experienced hunter volunteers) with dates/times TBD and individuals must complete the Learn to Hunt workshop to be eligible….no exceptions.

Learn to Hunt Program Attendance Requirements

  • NEVER Hunted (primary target audience).
  • MINIMAL Hunting Experience (you have NOT ACTIVELY hunted for MORE than THREE years).
  • LACKING Social Support (you have no readily available hunting family members or friends).
  • LAPSED (non-active) hunters including those that have NEVER harvested big game (i.e., turkey or deer).

Learn To Hunt Program Attendance Pre-requirements

Questions regarding hunting license requirements contact NCWRC Customer Service Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. @ 833-950-0575 or by email at info@gooutdoorsnorthcarolina.com.

2024 Learn to Hunt (LTH) Webinars:


2024 Learn to Hunt (LTH) Workshops:


LTH Deer Hunting-Related Mini Workshops (ALL Ellerbe NC):

Please Note:

Complete/Actual Addresses for workshops will be distributed to all registrants 2 to 3 days prior to each event and is done by intent to:

  1. Deter registration bypass (i.e., showing up unregistered)
  2. Prevent overbooking as only registered attendees get actual address.
  3. Maintain target audience attendance.


Webinar and Learn to Hunt Program Must Read

  • Learn about upcoming webinars by subscribing to the agency's monthly e-newsletter N.C. Wildlife Update.
  • Learn to Hunt program attendance is by request only and subject to attendance requirements and prerequisites as noted above.   
  • Since Learn to Hunt programs are largely dependent on conservation partner facilitation, existing, experienced hunters are sorely needed as instructors, assistant instructors, logistics assistants and scouting/hunting mentors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I’m an experienced hunter wanting to register a family member for a Learn to Hunt program. Can I register my family member?

Answer: No. Individuals who have hunting family members already have readily available access to a hunting mentor. Learn to Hunt programs are intended for individuals lacking social support via a readily available hunting mentor.

Question: I’m an experienced hunter wishing to donate my experience, time and effort at Learn to Hunt programs. Can I assist with a Workshop?

Answer: Yes. Building a pool of volunteer instructors/assistants is critical to Learn to Hunt program expansion. Individuals interested in assisting as instructors with Learn to Hunt program will be required to “shadow” during a pre-workshop training session before becoming a Learn to Hunt instructor.  

Question: I haven’t hunted for a long time, would like to get back into it and have never taken a deer or turkey anywhere. Can I attend the Learn to Hunt Workshop?

Answer: Yes. Learn to Hunt Workshops provide an opportunity for lapsed (inactive) hunters interested in getting started again including those that have NEVER harvested big game (i.e. deer or turkey) regardless of previous state of residence.

Question: I’m an inexperienced, new hunter and want to learn more so I can mentor my own family and friends. Can I attend the Learn to Hunt Workshop?

Answer: Yes. Learn to Hunt Workshops offer new, inexperienced hunters a mentor experience while encouraging continued mentoring of family members and friends beyond the workshop.

Question: I’ve never hunted and want to learn more before I begin hunting. Can I attend the Learn to Hunt Workshop?

Answer: Yes. Learn to Hunt Workshops offer individuals interested in hunting a mentor experience in the absence of an existing mentor.



For additional webinar and Learn to Hunt program information including volunteer opportunities to be part of the Learn to Hunt team, Contact Walter “Deet” James, the Hunter Engagement Coordinator at learntohunt@ncwildlife.org (preferred), 919-707-0059 (office), 984-202-1387 (mobile).