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July • August 2020


Going Deep for Summer Bass

written by Mike Zlotnicki  | photographed by Thomas Harvey

Tips and tricks for using deep-diving crankbaits to catch bass. 

Southern Devils

written by Derek Triplett | illustrated by Amy Friend

The presence of this unique scorpion in North Carolina's western counties should be cause for awe, not alarm.

Now and Then, One Needs to Go Solo

written by Eugene Price | illustrated by Jim Brown

Much can be learned by taking a trip alone into the wild.

Staying Connected

written by Josh Leventhal | photographed by Melissa McGaw

Keeping active while stuck at home is not as hard as it sounds. 

Birds of a Feather

photographed by Thomas Harvey

The oft-overlooked beauty of North Carolina's birds comes into focus in this photo essay.

Wild & Tasty

written by Clark Barlowe | photographed by Melissa McGaw

There is nothing like eating fresh tuna, right off the boat, with no heat at all.

Hook, Line & History

written by Jim Wilson | photographed by Melissa McGaw

Southern Appalachian museum preserves memories and knowledge of mountain ancestors.


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Staying Connected (PDF)



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In the September • October Issue

Saving Our Birds

As recent research has shown a significant decline in bird populations, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission continues to help preserve the diverse species of game and nongame birds in our state.

A Fly Guy 

Associate Editor Mike Zlotnicki is well-versed in most outdoor activities. Fly-fishing is not one of them. Follow along as he learns how to get started fly-fishing.

The State of Discovery

For centuries, North Carolina has played host to the discovery of many new species to science. New species continue to be discovered in the state to this day.


Wild Notebook

Endangered...Threatened...Special Concern

written by Sydney Brown  | illustrated by Liz Bradford

Learn the laws that help protect animals in need by placing them in one of three categories.

Home In the Muck

written by Ann May  | illustrated by Amy Friend

Shoreline plants help protect ponds and lakes while providing food for critters that live there.

Here a Quack, There a Quack

written by Sydney Brown  | illustrated by Anne Runyon

Ducks are almost EVERYWHERE in North Carolina, yet not all ducks are the same.

Underground Living

written by Sydney Brown  | illustrated by Liz Bradford

From tiny ants to medium-sized mammals, all sorts of creatures prefer to make their homes in burrows beneath the surface.

Fooled You

written by Sydney Brown  | illustrated by Anne Runyon

Insects like ants, butterflies and wasps use tricks to keep predators away.

Snow Birds

written by Liani Yirka  | illustrated by Amy Friend

Waterfowl species like snow geese migrate south every winter to warm places like North Carolina.

2020 Spring Outdoor Guide

Table of Contents for 2020 Spring Outdoor Guide


Editor’s Note


For the Life of a Pond

written by John Manuel | photographed by Melissa McGaw
The ups and downs of reviving a Piedmont farm pond.


Regulations for Mountain Trout


Delayed Harvest Stocking Dates


North Carolina Angler Recognition Program


North Carolina Freshwater Fishing Records


Identification Chart


Regulations for Warmwater Game Fish


A Season of their Own

written by Josh Leventhal | photographed by Thomas Harvey

A week-long youth turkey season gives young hunters an uninterrupted opportunity to hunt turkey.


Coastal Boating Guide


Coastal Boating Access Areas

What is R3?

written by Chet Clark | photographed by Thomas Harvey

A new philosophy for recruiting, retaining, and reactivating outdoor participants has become central to the Wildlife Commission's outreach efforts.


2019 Reported Spring Wild Turkey Harvest


Inaugural Fishing and Boating Industry Summit

Upland Gazette

2019 Fall Outdoor Guide

Table of Contents for 2019 Fall Outdoor Guide


Editor's Note


Dressed For Success

written by Terri Boggess
A well-prepared hunter can often be a taxidermist’s best friend.


Index to Game Lands


North Carolina Hunting Seasons


Not your Typical Mountain Game Land (PDF)

written by Josh Leventhal | photographed by Thomas Harvey

Rolling hills and diverse wildlife populations make Johns River Game Land a place to be.


Regulations for Warmwater Game Fish


Regulations for Mountain Trout


Bear Season Map


Deer Season Maps


North Carolina Goose Zones


Hunting Regulations and Information


Hunter in Their Sights

written by Mike Zlotnicki

Deer processors and volunteers help feed those in need through programs like Hunters for the Hungry.


2018-19 Big Game Harvest Reports


The Upland Gazette

Wild & Tasty Videos

Wildlife in North Carolina

Wild & Tasty Series

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