General Information Regarding Use

15A NCAC 10D .102 General Regulations Regarding Use

(p)  Shooting Ranges.  On public shooting ranges managed by the Commission, no person shall use designated shooting ranges for any purpose other than for firearm or bow and arrow marksmanship, development of shooting skills or for other safe uses of firearms and archery equipment.  All other uses, including camping, building fires, operating concessions or other activities not directly involved with recreational or competitive shooting are prohibited, except that activities that have been approved by the Commission and for which a permit has been issued may be conducted, provided that the permit authorizing such activity is available for inspection by wildlife enforcement officers at the time the activity is taking place.  No person, when using any shooting range, shall deposit any debris or refuse on the grounds of the range.  This includes any items used as targets, except that clay targets broken on the range, by the shooter, may be left on the grounds where they fall.  No person shall shoot any items made of glass on the grounds of the range.  No person may leave any vehicle or other obstruction in such a location or position that it will prevent, impede or inconvenience the use by other persons of any shooting range.  No person shall leave parked any vehicle or other object at any place on the shooting range other than such a place or zone as is designated as an authorized parking zone and posted or marked as such.  No person shall handle any firearms or bow and arrow on a shooting range in a careless or reckless manner. No person shall intentionally shoot into any target holder, post, or other permanent fixture or structure while using a shooting range.  No person shall shoot a firearm in a manner that would cause any rifled or smoothbore projectiles to travel off of the range, except that shotgun shot, size No. 4 or smaller may be allowed to travel from the range if it presents no risk of harm or injury to any person(s).  Persons using a shooting range must obey posted range safety rules and those persons who violate range safety rules or create a public safety hazard must leave the shooting range if directed to by law enforcement officers or Commission employees.  No person shall handle any firearms on a shooting range while under the influence of an impairing substance.  The consumption of alcohol or alcoholic beverages on a shooting range is prohibited.  Open days and hours of operation shall be designated on signs and at least one of such signs will be posted at the entrance to each shooting range.  No person, when using any shooting range, shall do any act which is prohibited or neglect to do any act which is required by signs or markings placed on such area under authority of this Rule for the purpose of regulating the use of the area.