The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission's black bear management involves:

  • Regulations
  • Designated Bear Sanctuaries
  • Enforcement of Laws
  • Collection of Data from Hunters
  • Surveys & Research
  • Habitat Management
  • Educating the Public
  • Educating Teachers
  • Wildlife Underpasses

The Wildlife Commission oversees all bear research conducted in North Carolina through direct studies by Commission personnel as well as participation and oversight on a variety of research projects involving professors and students from universities.

In recent years, numerous universities including Auburn University, North Carolina State, the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech have performed research in North Carolina under permit from NCWRC.

Research has focused on issues ranging from bear habitat use and home ranges to procedures for estimating bear populations and reducing vehicle collisions. The results of these research studies are often published in scientific journals.

2012-2022 Black Bear Management Plan (PDF)

Management of Black Bears brochure (PDF)