Accessibility Advisory Council

N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission Accessibility Advisory Council (AAC)

The Accessibility Advisory Council (AAC) will be an advisory board to the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) to provide non-binding strategic advice, guidance, and recommendations on developing, managing, and planning programs, opportunities, and access for individuals of all abilities to enjoy wildlife-associated recreation.

The Accessibility Advisory Council will:

  • Advise the NCWRC on matters related to accessibility.
  • Advise the NCWRC on ADA compliance issues.
  • Make recommendations to the NCWRC on the development and modification of opportunities, amenities, and facilities to increase the accessibility and enjoyment of all wildlife users.
  • Make recommendations to the NCWRC for improving communications between the Commission and the disabled community.
  • Provide input on accessibility studies and surveys as requested by the NCWRC.
  • Help educate citizens and visitors on the availability of accessible opportunities.
  • Help build partnerships and promote collaboration with individuals and businesses for the planning and development of facilities, opportunities, and programs that are accessible to individuals of all abilities.



The AAC will be a volunteer group of 10 – 12 private citizens, appointed by the NCWRC Executive Director, who demonstrate a clear interest in improving accessibility to North Carolina’s natural resources. Members of the AAC will serve without compensation.

AAC members will serve a 2 to 3-year term from their date of appointment. Terms shall be assigned using a random selection method upon initial appointment. If reappointment is desired by a member, the Executive Director may consider this request upon completion of a term. Reappointments shall be 1 or 2 years up to a total of no more than 5 years from the initial appointment.     


A 30-day open recruitment period, during which any member of the public or representative of a disability-associated organization may be recommended or volunteer, will be held to fill the seats on the council. That period begins January 28, 2023 and ends February 28, 2023.