Accessible Hunting Opportunities

Disabled Hunting Blinds

Disabled hunting blinds are available at several game lands throughout the state on a first-come first-served basis or through permit hunt opportunities. The blinds are enclosed wooden structures with shooting windows and shooting shelves (rails) on three sides, designed specifically for wheelchair use. The fourth side of the blind has an ADA compliant door and ramp for easy entry and exit. More information and details on disabled hunting blinds can be found here.

Disabled Sportsman Hunt Certification

The Disabled Sportsman Hunt Certification (PDF) is a medical certification used to establish eligibility for participation in disabled permit hunt opportunities. This certification is only necessary when the applicant does not possess a lifetime disabled veteran or totally disabled license. This certification is not a license; therefore, a valid hunting license, in addition to the certification, is required when participating in a disabled hunt opportunity. There is no fee for this certification. Apply for the certification. (PDF)


  • Medical certification in one of the following disabilities:
  • Missing fifty percent (50 percent) or more of one or more limbs, whether by amputation or natural causes;
  • Paralysis of one or more limbs;
  • Dysfunction of one or more limbs rendering the individual unable to perform the task of grasping and lifting with the hands and arms or unable to walk without mechanical assistance, other than a cane;
  • Disease, injury or impairment confining the individual to a wheelchair, walker or crutches;
  • Legal deafness.

This certification shall remain valid as long as the qualifying disability persists.

Disabled Permit Hunts

The NCWRC has a three-tier permit hunting system for hunters with disabilities designed to offer a variety of opportunities with different levels of support.

Tier I hunts are those on game lands where areas and access have been designated for hunters with disabilities. These hunts are not a part of the Permit Hunting Opportunities Program and do not require a special hunt permit, but may require a Disabled Access Permit

Tier II hunts are those on game lands and refuges that are included in the Permit Hunting Opportunities Program and allow managed participation for hunters with disabilities and their companion in order to provide unique hunting opportunities. A permit is required for these hunts. Some may have designated blinds.

Tier III hunts are NCWRC-facilitated and assisted hunts located on a game land within each region. These hunts offer managed participation for hunters with disabilities and their companion in areas where blinds are provided and offer a unique hunting opportunity. A permit and orientation are required for these hunts.

To qualify for a disabled hunt permit, individuals must possess at least one of the following (PDFs open in separate window):

Applicants will be charged a $10 nonrefundable administrative fee that covers all disabled permit hunts applied for in one transaction.

  • Unless otherwise stated, permit holders may bring a companion to assist and hunt. The companion must carry the companion card received with the permit and must hunt alongside the permit holder at all times. There is no fee or application required for the companion. Companions may not apply for disabled hunts individually.
  • On multiple day hunts, the companion may be different for each hunt day as long as they have the companion card.
  • If orientation is required, the disabled hunter must attend in order for the permit to be valid.